Fat Jack's Supersubs-Leetsdale & Monaco
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Fat Jack's Supersubs-Leetsdale & Monaco

6603 Leetsdale Dr
Denver, CO 80224
P. (303) 329-7827


Now with more locations than ever before, getting a taste of Fat Jack's Supersubs is easier than ever. You can tell from the name that the food at this eatery is going to be fantastic, but it only takes one bite to make you a lover for life. The concept is simple: use better bread, better meats and cheese and the freshest produce to create a huge variety of delicious subs and other tasty treats. The bread is baked fresh every 90 minutes so it is bakery-fresh each and every time, and each roll features a light, thin crust and a great golden brown color. The veggies are sliced daily in-house from only the ripest tomatoes, the freshest lettuce and highest quality produce. The cheeses are delivered right from Wisconsin and the meats are as wholesome as they can be with no fillers, extenders or MSG. So you see, you really can taste the difference! Try tasty creations like the Dixie Chicken which features their amazing chicken salad and tons of veggies, The Gold Coast with turkey and fresh avocado, or The Fat Jack with your choice of three meats, two cheese and any veggies you like. Of course you can also build your own creation, and make it a full meal with any of their delicious soups. With a fun vibe, great food and stellar service, Fat Jack's Supersubs is the homegrown favorite when it comes to amazingly delicious subs!
Earn donations at Fat Jack's Supersubs-Leetsdale & Monaco
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4.1 out of 5