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The Local 907

907 S 3rd St
Renton, WA 98057
P. (425) 255-2511


Any fans of DC's Bar & Grill in Downtown Renton will be happy to know the owners are making good on their promise to keep on creating a friendly spot where people gather for a pint of beer, some good food, and plenty of great times. Some things are changing though, starting DC's re-launch as the The Local 907. This pub and eatery is taking things to the next level. While an extensive remodel to the interior was completed a year ago, a few more changes should also catch your attention and show just how The Local 907 has become a perfect destination to relax and have fun. With new furniture, new games, and updated food and cocktail menus, you won't want to miss out on stopping by. The Local 907 is just the spot to gather with friends and watch the game, or even that place to swing by after work and have a few drinks before heading home. If you bring a handful of colleagues along with you, order up a few appetizers and head over to the dartboard for a friendly challenge. Whether you stop in for an afternoon or evening, the lunch and dinner options are more than enough to satisfy even hearty appetites. "The Snack List" offers everything from a Hummus Plate and Fried Green Beans, to Jumbo Hot Wings and Fish Tacos, which are all great choices to share. For more heavy-duty noshing, "Local Favorites" like the Fish & Chips or the Quesadilla (stuffed with chicken or beef) can help with even the mightiest of cravings. On the "Sandwiches & Burgers" front, The Local 907 cooks up the likes of Turkey Clubs, Tuna Melts, Field Roast Grinders (great for vegetarians), five classic and specialty burgers, and much more. When it's time for a drink, there are 18 rotating beers on tap to help wash all that great food down. Make sure to also check out the terrific wine selection and full slate of spirits ready imbue your favorite cocktails. With no shortage of fun, food, and drink for guests to relish, The Local 907 is sure to become a favorite casual hangout for many.
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5.0 out of 5
"We heard that they had a great burger, it did not disappoint. It was very tasty. Also the 8-bit..."
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5.0 out of 5
"Had excellent service from Josh. A very good experience overall and we will be returning."
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4.0 out of 5
"A bunch of co-workers and I needed a place to eat lunch in downtown Renton. When another resta..."
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